September 13, 2021

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In our previous entry of June 2021, we had looked at several revealing and significant films of 2018- 2020. In this brief entry or September 13, we would like to add only a few comments on recent films of the summer of 2021, some of which we will come back to later in the fall.

We have already added a detailed analysis of a couple of significant recent films in our main section of The Movie Shrink: “Undine” a German production, and the Spanish film, “Rosa’s wedding”.

In the case of Undine (Ondine in French), the film tells the story of an urban historian of Berlin, who happens to be a mermaid-nymph who has come to earth to find love in contemporary Germany. It is a poetic film, but it could also speak to some of the challenges facing the city and the country today.

The film “Rosa’s wedding”, a story is about a film studio seamstress, middle-aged and unmarried, who is planning to change her life, in the face of incessant demands made upon her, from her employer and family. She plans to marry ….herself in a formal ceremony.

Among the films that are not yet commented in the website’s main section, but could very well be in the next entries, is the Argentinian film “Heroic Losers”, a film about the attempt to revive an abandoned factory near Buenos Aires, from a group of unlikely entrepreneurs. As is often the case with films from South America, and particularly from Argentina, the story is also about the treason that the different economic elites are guilty of, and also about the difficulties of human interaction in economic life.

Among the films that The Movie Shrink is definitely planning to see is the Brazilian film “Bacurau”, an apparently poetic film about the troubling and possibly imagined events following the death of a wise local elite woman leader.

The film is not that easy to stream, by renting or buying, but its topic suggests some potentially interesting elements to be interpreted.

Until next time, I wish you interesting and significant films!