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This film about individual stories behind people involved in theatrical and cultural productions also speaks to Japanese society’s encounter with all things foreign and unsettling.

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This film, which defies genre categorization, can be seen as reflecting the Brazilian situation, immersed into decades-long multi-dimensional crises, political, economic, and now environmental. What does this film tell that we do not already know?

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Let us not be fooled by this comedy that depicts a chapter in the life of a movie studio seamstress, that organizes a wedding ceremony in which she will marry….herself. What is it about current society to even imagine such a story? The Movie Shrink thinks he has a few elements to understand.

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If there ever was a film in need of interpretation, this story about a modern-day incarnation of the myth of water nymph Undine, who comes to earth for love, through the life of an urban historian who tells the architectural story of Berlin, for the guests

of the city administration, this is the one. But are there other stories behind this improbable story?

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This film of fiction, not too far away from being a documentary, takes a kind and affectionate look at what is not frequently portrayed in cinema: the houseless people living in their van in America. Is this a militant film, intending to give us a message about current socio-economic trends in America? Yes, in part. But it is at the same time broader and more specific than that.

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When a construction project’s only goal is to save a few decimals of a second for stock market transactions, a lot of important elements are left behind and neglected. This film is about some of these elements we leave behind in our rush to save time.

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Following the great critical and popular success of Get Out, any film by Jordan Peele would lead us to believe that it deals with black integration (or lack of it) in American society. But, in this film, that theme is less obvious, and the movie may concern all those that are forgotten, those that are underground, white or black.

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What do we really know about all the economic and social mutations that eastern Europe is experiencing with its gradual integration into European modernity? Very little, outside the somewhat superficial analysis that some of their regimes turn to conservative national parties. The Bulgarian-Greek film Glory (released in 2018) gives us an idea of what is happening beneath the surface when a Bulgarian railway trackman loses his cherished and family watch (Glory) in exchange for a super contemporary high tech watch… that does not work.

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